Garden Lighting Business

Starting And Scaling A Garden Lighting Business

You need a business plan and a marketing strategy if you wish to open a garden lighting business. Adding garden lighting as an extra service is a smart move if you own a landscaping company. New designers have an option of starting from scratch or buying an existing business.

Learn the Ropes

Determine the knowledge required for your new trade. Inexperienced garden designers have several resources to tap into. Certificate courses at community colleges are a good start. Through education and training, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade.

Study the Market

You’re good to go if you have an existing garden design business. Just offer your lighting services to clients. If you’re starting out, consider who you’ll serve. Choose the most lucrative demographic. It could be commercial or residential clients. A study of client volume isn’t all. Know the number of competitors in your area. This helps you determine the level of resistance you’ll encounter when starting.

Business Structure

Choose whether you’ll be independent or buy a franchise. Franchises sell for as much as $200,000 or as little as $20,000. The pros of franchising are brand recognition, exclusive vendor pricing and profit sharing opportunities. Independent operations are tricky to get off the ground but very profitable. Typical benefits include management autonomy and control over profit margins. To meet consumer demand, hire subcontractors to manage extra work and use products from other companies.

Money Matters

Create a business plan covering your initial capital. List all expenses, including equipment, inventory, marketing, labour, licensing, etc. Organisations like the Small Business Association of Australia can walk you through this process. Besides financial projections and start-up costs, a financial plan should contain a description of your operations and how you plan to do marketing.

Market your Business

Use all means at your disposal to spread the word about your garden lighting business. Join merchant associations and your local Chamber of Commerce to network with other professionals. Make use of online resources like email, social media and a corporate website to popularise your skill. If your budget allows, buy local media ads targeting your chosen market. are fantastic at marketing their lighting business, and further promoting their garden lights – learn more. Be sure to check them out to understand how to promote your business!

Turn a Profit

You’re an entrepreneur. You started a garden lighting business because you love designing gardens and want to make money. Spending money on marketing is one way to make more money. But most designers go at it without a strategy, throwing money at ads that suck. Even if you’re ever busy, never skimp on marketing.

Bonus Tips

  • Obtain knowledge in garden lighting before starting your venture
  • Create a comprehensive business plan to give your business a solid start
  • Register your business with the local government
  • Research legal requirements for low-voltage lighting as states differ on what’s allowed

Business Side

You have your company’s future in your hands. So don’t let yourself go out of business. Take a day to review last year’s performance, especially what type of marketing worked or flopped. Start each year on a high note by establishing sales goals and developing a marketing budget. Soon, your business will be leading the pack.