Skip Bins Business

Tips to Start a Skip Bins Business

Every year, millions of skip bins are hired. In Australia, there are hundreds of skip bin companies. That shows how lucrative and competitive the waste management industry is. As an entrepreneur, you can start from scratch or buy an existing franchise. Whatever way you choose to start, here’s how to get off on the right foot, thanks to

Know Your Customers
  • What are customers looking for? In demand are skip bins for household, concrete and green waste. Offer various sizes and types to satisfy everyone.
  • Who are your ideal customers? Everyone needs to dump waste. But your best and most profitable clients are builders, factories and households.
  • How will you market your business? For more publicity, advertise to the right people.
Offer Reasonable Prices

Pricing can scale-up or nosedive your business. Low prices limit your profits while high prices drive out customers. To increase your customer base and bottom line, provide competitive prices. Though people seek inexpensive services, don’t stoop too low. Slashing prices or sacrificing quality is detrimental. Charge different services differently; for instance, delivery to remote areas. Since skip bins are your company’s lifeline, charge extra for late return. Without skip bins, you’re out of business.

Promote Your Business

Marketing is fun and easy as long as you’re creative and resolute. There’s a simple and low-cost way to publicise your skip bins. Hand out leaflets and business cards. Or email interested proprietors and companies. Another effective strategy is partnering with local businesses that need your services. While marketing, target folks who want skip bins. Building firms are your main target. Approach them with a winning proposal.

Build a Reputation

Customers prefer reputable companies that discard garbage properly. It takes time to build a rock solid reputation. There are no shortcuts. For people to know you and appreciate your work, provide quality services and bins. On top of that, be realistic and knowledgeable. Clients won’t trust you if you recommend the wrong skip bins. When it comes to types and sizes, be accurate. Your policies have to be sensible too.

Other Nitty-Gritty

Each year, the building and manufacturing sectors produce lots of waste. This waste has to be recycled or dumped. As a garbage collector, dump sites and recycling facilities are your last stop.

There are 3 ways to start a garbage collection business:

(1) Use a winch/roll-off truck to transport, deliver and pick-up bins.

(2) Own skip bins and subcontract the pick-up and delivery work to a trucking company.

(3) Use tandem-axle trailers – they’re cheap when purchased second-hand.

Though the second option is inexpensive to start, it generates less profit. With the third option, it’s low-cost and stress-free to manage business operations.

Services are charged on a flat-fee basis. Fees vary depending on distance travelled, disposal cost and renting period.

In Conclusion

A skip bins business is profitable if you do what’s right. To gain new and repeat business, provide stellar customer service. Through smart and hearty marketing, you’ll broaden your horizons. Lastly, keep an eye out for regulatory changes and product advancements.