Marketing For Construction Companies

Marketing ideas for construction companies

Starting a construction company is not easy. What’s even difficult is promoting it. Anyway, thumbs up for clearing the initial stage – opening your business. The next stage is what will determine if you’ll thrive or tumble in this competitive industry.

Marketing is a big deal. Though costly and time-consuming, it can help you stand up above the rest. But that is not possible if people don’t know that you’ve opened a business and are providing construction services. To get attention, you have to dedicate some time and cash to marketing your construction company. By following these tips, your popularity and profitability will soar.

Attend trade shows

Most homeowners and interested homeowners go to annual trade shows. There, they look for products and services they need. When you attend these events, you get an opportunity to network with other local businesses and build relationships with prospects.

Use social media

Create a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter account. Use these platforms to interact with clients. Also, respond to questions and post relevant and trending topics. This builds trust and confidence.

Design a logo

Construction companies should focus on their corporate identity. Only then can they market themselves globally. A smart, relevant and easily recognizable logo makes your identification easier. Hire a professional designer to draft your logo.

Ask for referrals

Word-of-mouth is the best and easiest form of marketing. Most people prefer their friends’ advice to newspaper ads. Referrals and feedback from your clients can be used on your ads or website. Solidify your referral program by offering a commission or a raffle ticket.

Advertise on location

Erect front-yard signs all over the community. The more signs you put up, the more exposure you get. When people see your company’s name everywhere, they’ll assume that you’re reputable. Locals tend to choose popular and trustworthy construction companies, like

Maintain a website

Build a professional and attractive website. Add useful information and implement an SEO strategy. Original content and keyword phrases boost traffic to your site. Blogs can foster your SEO campaign and interest potential clients. Regularly update your blog and keep your clients up-to-date.

Be your own billboard

Use your vehicle as a moving advertisement. Brand it with your logo, and include your phone number and company name. That way, people will notice your business no matter where you’re driving to or where you’ve parked.

Become accredited

Homeowners are too choosy. They often look for accreditation before hiring. If you’re not accredited, they may think you’re unreliable and incompetent. The Home Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau are a great place to begin.

Host an event

Invite locals to a small event in your store or office. Or you can partner with other businesses in your area to host a bigger event. Use this event to showcase your services and products, and to establish a relationship with potential customers.

Pool resources

Initiate partnerships with contractors and real estate agents. Such partnerships may expand your market reach and spread the word about your company. Do volunteer work to advertise your abilities and demonstrate your skills. And hand out promotional items like flyers and brochures.