Hiring A Roofer

What to consider when enlisting the services of a roofer

A new roof is a major investment and a big decision. Sometimes, you need to make the decision quickly because of unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully, you will have the time to research, plan and make a wise decision. When you need to work with a roofer, whether it is planned out or an emergency, there are important things to consider. We got in touch with Dragon Roofing to find the ins and outs especially what to consider when hiring a roofer. Here’s what we found:


Most roofers provide names of customers who were content with their work. Get names of the last three clients. Try to contact these clients and ask them if they were satisfied with the contractor’s workmanship. They can give you an idea of their prowess and the roofs, plus what you can anticipate over time.


Roofing companies must carry insurance to protect their clients and their properties from unforeseen events that can happen during the project. Before hiring a contractor, ask to see their insurance copy and make sure the policy is current and valid.


Make sure the roofer has good communication skills. You want someone you can discuss your project with, who readily answers your questions, and who keeps you up-to-date. Poor communication often leads to misunderstanding, poor service and higher bills.


Find out who will do the roof work. Does the company have in-house workers or do they hire subcontractors? If they subcontract, ask for references as well as proof of insurance.


When hiring a roofer, ensure that they offer a warranty on the project. Remember, a product warranty does not cover the repair and installation work. If there is an issue with the materials or job, get a written guarantee from the contractor, confirming that the problem will be fixed.


Everything must be in writing. So ask for a written contract. The contract basically includes the materials to be used, the scope of the project, the dates for commencing and completing the work and the cost of labour and materials.


Steer clear of fly-by-night contractors. They have a small amount of experience. Honestly, it takes several years for roofers to master roofing. An experienced contractor knows the best practices and tools to use, has performed maintenance and installation work for years and can handle problems that result from different weather conditions.


The internet has made things easier and more convenient. You can perform a background check on a roofing company you are interested in. Check the company on Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, Yellow Pages or BBB. Look for positive reviews and see how they handle negative complaints.


Previous work samples can give you an accurate picture of how well a contractor completes a task. Let the roofer show you pics of their finished work. Many roofers post their portfolio on their website. So search for these.


Get multiple quotations from multiple contractors. Compare the quotes to get the best service for your money. Consider price alongside other key things such as licensure, reviews and professionalism. Carefully review the estimates to avoid being overcharged.

It is that simple – a reliable roofing company in 10 steps.