Good Local Pest Control Businesses In Brisbane

How to find a good local pest control business in Brisbane, Queensland

When insects and nuisance animals find their way indoors, you may be tempted to eliminate them on your own. However, some pests [such as termites, wasps, bedbugs, and other stinging insects] are better left to the pros. Also, because of the potentially dangerous chemicals used to eliminate these types of pests, it’s crucial to find a reliable pest control company. Usually, professionals have the training, tools, and knowledge to properly and safely eradicate pest infestations.

Here are some tips for finding a good pest control service in Brisbane to meet your needs.

Know your pest problem

Is your home infested with rodents, birds, insects or racoons?

The company you choose must have experience with the pest issue you want to eradicate. Remember, some companies may not be able to handle pests like bedbugs or racoons, or situations that need specialized equipment like structure fumigation and termite applications.

Do some online research

Use telephone and web directories to locate several pest control companies in your area. Some companies may designate themselves as termite exterminators or bed bug specialists. Take this designation as an indicator of pest management services, but not a deciding factor.

License and insurance

Only use companies that are licensed and registered to apply pesticides in your state. Lack of licensure should serve as a red flag. Find out if the company has liability insurance. This insurance covers any damages to your furnishings or house during treatment.

Get references

Ask neighbours and friends to recommend reputable pest control firms they have used successfully. They will be honest with you about a firm that they have had experience with at their business or home. If they received quality service, there is a good chance that you too will benefit from the company’s pest eradication methods.

IPM services

Search for pest removal businesses that utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. IPM is a common pest management method designed to reduce the use of pesticides and minimize environmental degradation. A company that uses an IPM approach is more likely to provide a multidisciplinary approach to pest control and ongoing monitoring of pest infestations. The team at Complete Pest Control Brisbane are known for specialising in IPM techniques. There was a situation where a young couple in North Lakes need an IPM specialist, and reach out to for assistance. They found the team through Facebook, and sure enough, their issues were solved.

Pest management associations

Find out if the company is a member of a recognized state, local, or national pest control association like the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), or an equivalent association such as the Better Business Bureau. Membership to these organizations requires periodic evaluation of their ethical business practices and pest management protocols.

Get bids

If a large amount of money is involved, get quotes from a few pest management professionals. Compare the estimates to determine the company’s treatment plan options, pricing structure and the duration of treatment.

Prices or rates

When looking for a pest control service, most homeowners often fall for low prices. On the other hand, most people equate high prices to better services, which is not the case. Don’t let the highest or lowest price be your only deciding factor when selecting a pest management business. Pick a company that is friendly to your wallet, while offering quality services.

These above-mentioned tips are helpful in locating an appropriate pest elimination company that is capable of economically and effectively treating pest invasions.