Capital for Communities Book

The above is the book's title

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Now my impression of it:

This is a book available on Amazon and many used book stores. New ones are not currently being published. This book has a mostly a legal aspect to it and discusses how charities can provide capital for communities. It also has a section where the reader can learn how to identify the real ones.

The book was written in 2005 by a lawyer who had transitioned into charity work. The name of the author is Frank Austin. He is originally from Brazil, and he moved to Los Angeles in his teens. Although his last name sounds like an American name, he used to have another last name, which he legally changed when he moved to Los Angeles. In the book, there is a small section about his life and his childhood, but he does not talk about his former last name.


Many people have been asking where I have been for the past few months. Sorry about taking so long to update, I have been busy with various items on my to do list. Before the year is out, my goals are to have the following:

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The above items have been keeping my busy. An update will be posted here when I have accomplished all my goals as stated above.